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Welcome to the Health Affairs website for Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 20. The goal of this committee is to empower noble veterans with service-connected diseases/injuries to gain the information necessary to attain benefits, services and health care essential to a positive, productive life. The first order in America must be to meet the needs of those who answer their country's call when they fall ill with service-connected injuries.

If you are experiencing health issues which either prevent you from being able to work or which may be service-connected, contact the Monroe County Veterans Service Agency,, for an appointment (phone 753-6040). The team of service officers at the Monroe County Veterans Agency will help you through the process. Don't hesitate to contact them with any issues that you need addressed. You do not need to be unable to work to be eligible for VA benefits for service-connected health issues (i.e., diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, cancers, spina bifida in children of Vietnam veterans, etc.). Remember that this agency is in place for ALL veterans.

The Social Security Administration provides disability payments for those who have worked and paid into SSA for 40 quarters or 10 years and who cannot work because of disability. Social Security Administration also provides Supplemental Security Income to those who do not have enough money to make ends meet, if eligible. This is tied to income.

The Veterans Administration provides benefits to those eligible with service-connected diseases/injuries. Compensation is defined as "caused by" your service to your country. Start with the veterans´┐Ż service officers above. Phone numbers for VA related issues:

Committee Chairman  Jerry McDermott  (585) 313-8188

VA Clinic - 465 Westfall Road 242-0160
Veterans Administration 463-2600
Vet Center 232-5040

Welfare and Medicaid are also available to those who cannot work and are in need.

The most important document to read can be accessed at, Documents, Agent Orange. This report by Admiral Elmo Zumwalt to the government describes in detail the truth about this chapter of America's history. It explains why many Vietnam veterans have had difficulty in obtaining health care and benefits. It is a must read for all who want the best for our veterans. Admiral Zumwalt ordered the spraying of Agent Orange in Vietnam and lost his son, a Vietnam veteran, to cancer.

The National Vietnam Veterans of America is working tirelessly to advocate for Vietnam veterans. They also sponsor and support all Gulf War veterans and their issues. For more information, please call 800-VVA-1316.

Please keep in mind that you do NOT have to be a member of VVA Chapter 20 to access help with any issues. We welcome Vietnam and Vietnam era veterans into Chapter 20, and all those who support Vietnam Veterans and their issues into Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America, National and Chapter 20. All of these groups can be accessed within this web page at the links below.

An empowerment packet is being put together which will shed light on the many facets of health care and issues facing Vietnam veterans and their families. More information will follow on that very soon, and it will be made available to you then.

This Web site is created not to place blame, but to make sure that all is done to honor and assist each noble Vietnam veteran who answered their country's call either by draft or enlistment and who placed his/her life in harm's way to defend and protect our freedom. We thank you for your service to your country, welcome you home to a grateful nation, and honor your service and noble strength. Together, we will stand strong for a strong, United States of America. May God bless our troops, veterans and America.


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